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Insolvency & Recapitalisation  


anchor Rechtsanwälte (anchor attorneys at law) is a law firm specialized in corporate crisis situations. Our expertise lies especially in insolvency law, where the main focuses are insolvency administration and crisis and insolvency related consultation. In the field of crisis and insolvency consultation we advise directors and shareholders before filing for insolvency and when filing is unavoidable we consult during the filing processes and take over director's duties to steer the restructuring of companies through the insolvency proceedings.

Our main services are:

Insolvency Administration

There are seven solicitors who are currently working as bankruptcy administrators, insolvency administrators, trustees or liquidators. At present, we are overseeing over 1500 proceedings in 13 district courts.

Avoidance of Insolvency

We provide consultation for managing directors, shareholders or partners whose businesses are facing a financial crisis prior to insolvency proceedings. Our aim is to rescue the company and avoid bankruptcy. In certain circumstances we take over directors' duties.

Insolvency planning / self-administration

An insolvency plan and self-administraiton can, if prepared competently and early enough, offer companies a further recapitalisation option so that insolvency proceedings do not lead to a total loss of the company. We have assisted In many Insolvency plan proceedings of various dimensions with great success.

Business Acquisition
With our experience as insolvency consultants, we advise investors on the acquisition of businesses and property that are recovered from insolvency and assist them in using the various possibilities insolvency law offers.
Special Situations / Distressed
The expertise we use in making solutions possible and overcoming crisis situations, is also applied in our work as CROs, managing directors, liquidators or mediators.
International Insolvency Law

We convey the particulars of Germany Insolvency Law to involved foreign parties and help them to assert their interests in Germany. In addition, we help involved parties assert their interests in German insolvency proceedings with an international aspect or in foreign insolvency proceedings with a German aspect
(keyword: particular insolvency proceedings).

Representing Creditors in Insolvency Proceedings

We advise creditors their coordination with the insolvency administrator. In addition to protecting their legal interests, realisation of credit securities as well as undertaking the proof of debts, we also represent creditors at board of creditors meetings.

Insolvency Employment Law

Insolvency employment law is an essential element in creating a recapitalisation perspective. to manage the reconstruction of a company. We advise investors, companies as well as employee representatives on questions of recapitalisation law and insolvency law. In particular, we develop and accompany recapitalisation and acquisition concepts as well as other solutions in connection with transfer of businesses.

Insolvency Penal Law

In selected cases we also represent managing directors, partners and shareholders, and creditors in questions involving insolvency penal law.

Furthermore we advise in the complete termination of businesses outside of insolvency within the context of liquidation procedures - Keyword: crisis prevention through early termination of business commitments.
Accounts Receivable Management

A contractual partner's non-payment or slow progress in paying receivables
is an especially annoying occurrence in everday business life. We structurise your internal procedures, develop simple interfaces and, in this area, take over the complete accounts receivable management from the first reminder to the effective legal enforcement of the law and execution. We optimise your accounts receivable management (in coordination with your bank, if necessary) by creating customised reporting. We understand accounts receivable management as a significant means of crisis prevention for your company. We help you to activate assets that are tied up in payment requests for other company activities.