Reorganisation options and preventive restructuring (StaRUG)

We will sit down with you to explore all the available reorganisation options.

To avoid insolvency proceedings, the pending restructuring framework can be the tool of choice – alongside classic reorganisation negotiations – for eliminating insolvency risks and restructuring the accumulated burden of debt outside insolvency proceedings. At the heart of the pre-insolvency restructuring framework is the restructuring plan. It implements the key points of the reorganisation negotiated with the parties in a contractual agreement outside insolvency.

Even within insolvency proceedings, the question of the appropriate reorganisation option arises.

In debtor-in-possession management, the existing management team – in contrast to the case with classic insolvency proceedings – largely retains control. Here we will support the company as reorganisation managing directors and debtor-in-possession managers.

The earlier the possibility of “debtor-in-possession reorganisation” – which may also take the form of protective shield proceedings – is explored, the greater is the likelihood that it will be prepared for and conducted professionally and lead to the desired success.

The existing management team remains in control of the situation. Retention of the existing know-how and the networks we have built up over the years accelerate the reorganisation process.

We will find tailored solutions within a manageable period of time, ideally no more than a few months, and together put the company on a new footing. 

This allows for the possibility of retaining the value of investments with the aid of an insolvency plan. An insolvency plan enables the shareholder structure to be optimised through tailored capital measures.

As “insolvency plan architects”, we also advise creditors and shareholders on the concept design and preservation of interests in the environment of insolvency plan proceedings.

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