About us

Anchor is a hybrid of law firm and management consultancy. With 14 offices and around 150 employees in the areas of insolvency and restructuring, we are one of the largest restructuring units in Germany. We combine legal expertise with business know-how. Our main expertise is insolvency law with a focus on insolvency administration and insolvency law advice.

In insolvency administration, our core competences are the continuation of business operations and the restructuring of the company. In doing so, we use all the instruments of the Insolvency Code (insolvency plan, debtor-in-posession, protective shield).

In terms of insolvency law, we not only provide legal advice, but above all practical, tactical and strategic advice to avoid risks and manage crises. We provide an overview and make use of all options to avoid insolvency. If necessary, we bring together different interests and build bridges to a successful restructuring. As restructurers, we have years of experience in the implementation of restructuring strategies.

Our partnership is organised according to the lockstep system. Therefore, all partners pursue a common interest. This enables a coordinated overall performance and cooperation across all offices of the most suitable expert in each case.

We can rely on an international network with a multitude of contacts in all major jurisdictions. Our lawyers are members of GRIP (Global Restructuring and Insolvency Professionals), INSOL International and INSOL Europe, the Committee for international affairs of the German Association of Insolvency Administrators (VID), ABI (American Bankruptcy Institute) and III (International Insolvency Institute).