Insolvency administration

In insolvency administration, our core areas of expertise lie in the continuation as a going concern, restructuring and retention of companies. Here we use all the instruments of the German Insolvency Code (protective shield, debtor-in-possession management, insolvency plan). From our nationwide offices we reorganise insolvent companies right across Germany, even in complex crisis situations. 

As insolvency administrators, we are actively involved in insolvency proceedings of all orders of magnitude. Our cross-office task force ensures the rapid stabilisation of business operations, the assurance of continuation as a going concern and the rapid development and implementation of reorganisation concepts and transactions. 

In doing so we feel an obligation to the legitimate interests of all stakeholders (financiers, customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders where appropriate). Here the particular focus is put on the retention of jobs. We are service providers for all creditors and for the insolvency courts. 

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