Distressed M&A

We actively assist family businesses, family offices, financial investors, insolvency administrators and trustees in the sale of low-yielding and insolvent companies or parts of companies. As part of the distressed M&A transaction, we manage and lead the entire sale process from the perspective of the principal in order to represent the interests of the shareholders or creditors in the best possible way. An actively managed investor process with a forward-looking equity story and target-oriented contract negotiations are among the decisive factors for success. High speed, flexibility, transparency and negotiating skills are our hallmarks.

In the case of a sale out of insolvency, we benefit from our experience as insolvency and self-administrators. We know the particularities of insolvency proceedings and work on the solution with an administrator’s perspective. The continuation and preservation of the company is our focus. Both are regularly the key to the best possible satisfaction of creditors. Within the framework of dual track processes (e.g. insolvency plan proceedings) we support the refinancing of the company.

Our national and international network of investors and industrial companies guarantees a targeted approach to the market. Our marketing and negotiation expertise increases the probability of closing and the transaction price. If desired, we can also provide legal support for the transaction process via Anchor lawyers and draw up the purchase agreements and insolvency plans.

Our added value on the sell side – Sell Side Advisor:

  • We analyse the business model with Red Flag Review (identification of potential deal breakers).
  • We prepare a forward-looking equity story with restructuring measures to increase the marketing opportunities and maximise the purchase price
  • We prepare a business plan to present an attractive risk/return profile for potential investors
  • We prepare meaningful presentation documents (teaser, information memorandum, management presentation, etc.)
  • We sensitise the management and accompany the management presentations as well as expert sessions and create the data room
  • We conduct the contract negotiations from the principal’s point of view and coordinate the preparation of the annexes to the purchase contract
  • We accompany the refinancing
  • We accompany the company until signing and closing

Our added value on the buy side – buy side advisor (companies, family offices, financial investors):

  • We analyse the business model with Red Flag Review (identification of potential deal breakers).
  • We develop initial operational measures and identify earnings enhancement potentials
  • We assist with financial and commercial due diligence
  • We accompany the legal due diligence via Anchor lawyers
  • We carry out the company valuation
  • We conduct the contract negotiations
  • We accompany the entire due diligence up to signing and closing
  • We support the transfer to the buyer after the closing in a 100-day programme (Post Acquisition Restructuring)


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