Restructuring –
Turning crisis into opportunity.

If your business is about to go into crisis or already in it, we’ll support you in the restructuring process.

Ukraine crisis poses problems for companies.

The geopolitical environment is currently posing considerable problems for energy-intensive companies. Due to the Ukraine war, energy prices have risen considerably. This is potentially leading to liquidity problems for energy suppliers and manufacturing companies.

The development of energy prices has already been accompanied by rising steel and aluminium prices for some time, which means that manufacturing companies are already having to deal with rising material prices. In addition, there are higher freight costs, a shortage of skilled workers and foreseeable further staff shortages due to the increase in the number of cases in the Corona pandemic.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs must deal with these crises and their consequences and plan ahead. There is now a legal obligation for business managers to recognise crises at an early stage and to manage them. If foreseeable crises are not counteracted, claims for compensation may arise. In view of current developments, it is therefore advisable to seek experienced restructuring advice, both on a business management level and on a legal level. 

In addition, German restructuring law now has suitable instruments in the form of the preventive restructuring framework and the protective shield procedure to effectively counter and overcome crises.Our partners will be happy to support you in the early detection of crises as well as in their management. We would be happy to put our experience in crisis management for companies with public law participants, state aid problems and in the energy sector at the service of your company.

Optimisation until transformation-operational restructuring

Today’s fast-moving environment regularly presents businesses with new challenges requiring strategic and operational realignment. Minor hotspots of crisis can quickly lead to strategic, operational, financial and ultimately existentially threatening corporate crises. Managers are now under a legal obligation to identify crises at an early stage.

Our operational restructuring consultancy extends from the optimisation of production and supply processes through liquidity management all the way to the restructuring of business units.

Markus Fauser,
LL.M. (corp. restruc.)

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New law, new opportunities – Preventative restructuring via the StaRUG.

Germany’s new Stabilisation and Restructuring Framework for Businesses Act (StaRUG) is the most significant reform of the German restructuring landscape. It gives businesses a toolkit to secure their future, keep them in control and allow them to select the appropriate instruments and measures for themselves. This preventive form of restructuring does not have to be publicised.

Dr. Florian Harig

Partner | Attorney

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Everyone on board – recovery mediation

When negotiations with creditors stall, restructuring mediation can help to bring all the stakeholders together to work on constructive solutions. Restructuring mediation is not a public process, and restructuring settlements can be confirmed by the court and thus become non-contestable.

Dr. Christoph Herbst

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Specialist in insolvency law

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Protected and able to act – protective screen proceedings.

If all other instruments prove to be insufficient, protective screen proceedings should be considered. Here too, the business management retains control, submitting to the court a plan for how to overcome the crisis.

Alexander Reus

Partner | Attorney
Business Economist (VWA)

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