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Teamwork is one of the keys to Anchor’s success. Because our partnership is organised according to the lockstep system, all partners pursue a common interest. This allows us to offer you a cross-location team with the most appropriate experts: Even before a distressed situation, when you need to gain an overview, avoid risks and an impending insolvency. But even more so during an insolvency, when you want to preserve your company and need the right strategy and its implementation. Or if you want to lead a complex reorganisation to success.

  • This is how JUVE sees us.

    JUVE Handbuch Wirtschaftskanzleien 2020/2021


    The firm focuses on insolvency administration, restructuring advice and crisis-related corporate advice. In this respect, it has been active in increasingly large cases in recent years. One example is the insolvency of Europoles, in which the firm advised the company’s management. Courts have also increasingly appointed anchor lawyers for large proceedings, for example Hörmann acted as administrator for the large bakery Sternenbäck. Recently, after the steady build-up of the previous years, there was a series of restructurings in the firm for the first time. Düsseldorf partner Hinkel left the team, and the legal form of the firm was also changed in order to be able to grow further. With Sarah Wolf, an administrator who moved from PKF, taking over as head of the new Duisburg office, Anchor has also added a woman to the partner ranks for the first time, who is also taking over as head of the new Duisburg office.

    Often recommended:

    Tobias Wahl
    (“also handles large procedures without any problems”, “highly qualified, highly professional”, Competitor),

    Dr. Christoph Herbst
    (“extremely accomplished remediation consultant”, Competitor),

    Prof. Dr. Martin HörmannDr. Christof SchillerAlexander Reus
    (“high competence, good networking”, Competitor)


    9 Eq.-Partner, 7 Sal.-Partner, 3 Counsel, 21 Associates

    Change of partners:

    Lars Hinkel (zu HL Legal); Sarah Wolf (von PKF Fasselt Schlage)

    Main focus:

    Crisis-related advice to companies and their executive bodies on reorganisation options, insolvency applications and plans of restructuring; assumption of property and debtor-in-posession roles; insolvency administration with a focus on Southern Germany and Lower Saxony; litigation (avoidance and liability) and reorganisation labour law; trusteeships. Separate management company


    • Europoles on debtor-in-posession (Sanierungs-GF)
    • Allco Heimtierbedarf on debtor-in-posession and the preparation of insolvency plans
    • August-Küpper-Gruppe Employment law on personnel restructuring
    • Barthelmes on debtor-in-posession (Sanierungs-GF)
    • Cinram on debtor-in-posession
    • Insolvenzverwalter to take over the management of companies of the former Arcandor Group
    • NatGas France on the carve-out of a French subsidiary
    • Wölfer Elektromotoren on debtor-in-posession (Sanierungs-GF)

    Insolvency administration:

    • Kanz Financial Holding (Tübingen)
    • KNV Buchgroßhandel (Stuttgart)

    Property management:

    • Bader-Gruppe (Neu-Ulm)
    • Sternenbäck (Hechingen)
    • Arwe Group (Augsburg)