Consulting for shareholders

If your investment is in crisis, we will provide advice with the aim of identifying options together and retaining the value of the business.

We support shareholders in corporate restructuring processes (transformations, mergers) and in disinvestment and liquidation decisions. Risk analyses and comparative scenarios can also help to provide transparency. Where necessary, we will step in early to prepare for reorganisation instruments such as the restructuring framework or protective shield proceedings in debtor-in-possession management.

To protect against risks in corporate and transaction structures, we will advise on the identification of liability risks and develop avoidance strategies. Transactions that may seem unobjectionable under normal circumstances can lead to disadvantages in a subsequent insolvency, even a long time later. Individual risks can result in joint liability or the “risk of infection” for entire corporate groups.

We will advise on the possibilities of avoiding insolvency, draw up the appropriate strategy and implement it with you. We will support you in reorganisation negotiations and conflict resolution. We also advise our clients in international restructuring situations.

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