Consulting for creditors

We advise creditors and financiers when their customers are in crisis situations and also represent them in insolvency proceedings and on creditors’ committees. To avoid the risks of default, we draw on our many years of experience as insolvency administrators to support financiers in the analysis of potential loss and reorganisation scenarios of their borrowers. We explore the options available, prepare comparative calculations as a basis for decisions and assess the possible contest or reorganisation risks.

We also safeguard the value of businesses through flexible trust models (known as double-sided trusts) or, in the case of transactions, as insolvency consultants in sales proceedings (distressed M&A).

In complex reorganisation cases, we coordinate advisor teams and financiers in order to safeguard the reorganisation added value, advise creditors in the plausibility verification and design of debtor-in-possession management or insolvency plans of customers and represent the interests of creditors in defences against contest claims.

We advise and represent clients who were parties to transactions being contested. In doing so, we call on the expertise and experience gained from our own activities as insolvency administrators and represent our clients both in and out of court.

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